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Striko demister assortment

Wire mesh droplet separator

Droplet separators are liquid or aerosol separators for a variety of usage areas and can be delivered with and without housing.

Design examples
round wire mesh demister

round wire mesh

demister in different dimensions

in different dimensions

demister as slide-in cartridges

as slide-in cartridges

Advantages in the application

The different areas of use have specific requirements in form and performance of the droplet separator. Our droplet separators, individually designed to your specifications, reach high separation degrees up to max 99.9% with low pressure drop < 0.25 mbar.

The wire mesh droplet separators are resistant to highly corrosive media. Deliverable wire thickness is, depending on the material, 0.12 mm to 0.5 mm. STRIKO offers a large selection of material in various material combinations, if necessary including support grids, adjusted for your special application.


Application examples
  • A/C and exhaust systems
  • vaporiser and tension release systems
  • vacuum and compressed air systems
  • ocean water desalination systems
  • absorbtion and distillation systems
  • steam boilers
  • gas washers
  • oil and emulsion fog separators
  • coalescence separators


type wire mesh material density of wire mesh [kg/m³] free volume [%] specific surface [m²/m³]
9145-SS-0,14/0,28 stainless steels like 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4541, Hastelloy®, Monel® and others 145 98,1 265
9192-SS-0,14/0,28 192 97,5 350
9240-SS-0,14/0,28 240 96,9 434
980-ETFE-0,27 Ethylene- Tetrafluorethylene 80 95,4 680
980-PP-0,40 Polypropylene 80 91,2 880
more wire mesh specifications and materials on demand