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STRIKO STX – innovative viscosity mixer

The static mixers of the STX line from STRIKO are especially designed for mixing viscosity and high viscosity media. They can even be used for gassing of liquids.

STX mixing element chain

STX – mixing element chain

STX mixer with dosing points

STX – mixer with dosing points

Design examples and construction variants

The requirements of the process environment and the wishes of our customers decide about the individual design of a system. All stainless steels and standard steels are available for the material, for plastics, e.g. PVC, PE-HD, PP or PVDF, also with a fibre reinforced shell. The internals can be manufactured from glass or PTFE coated pipes.

steel construction variant

steel with PTFE lining

design example stainless steel

steel – stainless steel

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

Striko EREstat plastics


STX for viscuous and highly viscuous media

When used as barrier mixer, crossing paths are evenly distributed over the pipe cross section and arranged behind each other. Each package is inserted into the pipe as rotated by 90° in respect of the previous one. The number of necessary mixing elements depends on the application – the volume flow, the nominal width, the media with its properties and other limiting conditions. When using STX mixing elements in combination with viscous to highly viscous media, it is possible that very high shearing forces are created, so the flow speed is kept low accordingly.

STX for mixing of liquids

The STX model series is excellent for homogenising liquids up to 600 Pa*s. For all applications, the careful design of the static mixer is important. This occurs in close coordination with our customers and always especially for a use case.

Typical applications
  • mixing of ammonia into pea starch
  • melted cheese manufacture: adding herbs / ingredients
  • use during low flow speeds, since higher shearing forces may be created due to geometry
  • mixing / colouring of silicon
  • mixing of pastes
Connection types

For a trouble-free connection, pipe mixers in all common designs according to DIN, ANSI or other industry standards can be supplied.

connection type fixed flange Fixed flange
loose-type connection loose-type flange
connection type screw screw connection
clamping connection type clamping support
connection for PVC housing GF screw connection for PVC housing
threaded socket and nipple threaded socket / threaded nipple
weld connection type weld joint preparation
Dosing Points
Dosing Point T-piece T-piece
Dosing Point Centerline centerline
Dosing Point Lance dosing lance
Dosing Point Ring ring dosing

PDF Application Data Sheet Static Mixer