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STRIKO STV – versatile gas mixer

A static mixer, equipped with mix elements of type STV, it ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of turbulent flowing media (gasses, watery liquids).

STV mixing element chain

STV – mixing element chain

Design examples and construction variants

The requirements of the process environment and the wishes of our customers decide about the individual design of a system. All stainless steels and standard steels are available for the material, for plastics, e.g. PVC, PE-HD, PP or PVDF, also with a fibre reinforced shell. The internals can be manufactured from glass or PTFE coated pipes.

steel construction variant

steel with PTFE lining

design example stainless steel

steel – stainless steel

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

Striko EREstat plastics


Peformance description STV – structure and function

The individual mixing elements of the STV mixer are arranged displaced to the wave like sheets, so that the wave channels cross. The stipulation of the wave height and the length of the mixer element are depending on the application. Based on the structure, a large band width of material is available to choose from. A static mixer, equipped with mixing elements of type STV, it ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of turbulent flowing media (gasses, watery liquids).


STX for mixing of gasses

The mixer of type STV is the ideal solution for homogenizing gas flows. For density or temperature differences the STV prevents a layer flow and ensure a stable mixing on a very short mixing length at low pressure loss.


STV of insoluble liquids

The process of the inline dispersement contains the consolidation of insoluble liquids. By using the STV mixer, a homogenous drip distribution is created Here, especially the required length of the STV mixer plays a role, because these influence the contact period of the media.


STV for gas/liquid applications

The shearing forces generates in the STV mixing element ensure a very find bubble distribution of the gasses added. The generate turbulence ensures a convincing material cross over. For all application, the careful design of the static mixer is required: This occurs in close discussion with the customer and always individually for a specific application, since the bandwith of the configuration options are nearly unlimited.


Typical application options
  • exhaust gas post treatment for denitrification
  • injection of finely atomizing liquids in large volume gas flows
  • binding of dusts in exchaust flows
  • combination of different mixer types is possible, depending on permitted pressure loss and required mixing quality
Connection types

For a trouble-free connection, pipe mixers in all common designs according to DIN, ANSI or other industry standards can be supplied.

connection type fixed flange

Fixed flange

loose-type connection

loose-type flange

connection type screw

screw connection

clamping connection type

clamping support

connection for PVC housing

GF screw connection for PVC housing

threaded socket and nipple

threaded socket / threaded nipple

weld connection type

weld joint preparation

Dosing Points
Dosing Point T-piece


Dosing Point Centerline


Dosing Point Lance

dosing lance

Dosing Point Ring

ring dosing

PDF Application Data Sheet Static Mixer