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FAQ Demister

[+] What type of separation occurs in the use of wire mesh, and how does it work?

The drop separation in wire mesh is done by the principle of inertial separation. By a deflection of the flow lines, which are caused by the individual wires in the wire mesh, there is a separation process.

The drops in flue gas flow can not change direction due to its own inertia and collide with the obstacles (wires). Single droplets on the wire surface grow into larger drops which then fall down to the bottom.
The more deflections in the wire mesh the more efficient the process..

[+] What are the pressure losses and what do they depend on?

The pressure loss is usually not more than 250 Pa. Basically, the pressure drops in the use of wire mesh are very small. The pressure losses are directly dependent on the packing density.

[+] What separation grade can be achieved?

As a rule, a separation grade of over 99% is achieved, wherein the degree of separation is dependent on the application, on the material, the speed of the packing density and the wire diameter.

[+] Which drop range can be deposited by wire mesh?

Drop separator as wire mesh can be used for drop sizes of about 1 micron to 100/120 microns, wherein the deposition of larger drops no big problem is, as this easily follow the principle of inertial separation.

[+] Which process data are important for the design of a drop separator.

The following parameters are important for the design of a drop separator:
  • Flow rate in m³/h; m³/h; kg/h
  • Operating pressure in bar
  • Temperature in C°
  • Initial flow direction (vertical or horizontal)
  • Droplet size in microns

[+] What materials, shapes and sizes of wire fabrics are available?

Wire mesh can be made ​​in accordance with the process requirements in many different materials, shapes and sizes. Available are a wide variety of materials in different material combinations, eg Structural steel, various stainless steels, special alloys, and various plastics.

[+] How do I mount wire meshes? Are there any housing options?

Wire mesh can be supplied as a knitted fabric package, then have to make the existing container, for attachment, grids or grid may be present. Wire mesh can also be made with fittings, e.g. complete with grills made of flat bar, set in round bars and in cassette form (U-shaped enclosure), which are then complains with the appropriate mounting hardware into the existing plant.

It is also possible to make complete solutions / housing concepts (case with droplet / wire mesh) individually . So, first, the droplet will be with these results, then a custom designed enclosure constructed for the corresponding process data designed.

[+] Which applications require the use of drop separator made of wire mesh?

Wire mesh can be used as a droplet in gas streams, as oil mist separators, air filters, insulation mats or coalescence separator for phase separation of immiscible liquids.

[+] What systems are available for liquid components from gas streams and deposit of which depends on the selection?

In addition to cyclones and baffle plates are used mainly mist made ​​of wire mesh. The amount of liquid droplet size and the purity to be achieved to decide which system is used for droplet deposition in accordance with the requirements of the most appropriate.

[+] What is meant by a drop separator?

Drop separator / demister be used for dehumidification, ie for the separation of the liquid phase from a gas stream. The drop separator should trap gas or vapor flow drops.
Drop separator thus the task to clean exhaust air streams to erosion, sediment and product contamination, e.g. be avoided in subsequent installations.