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STRIKO Helical and K-Helical – high performance universal mixer

The Helical / K-Helical type mixers are static pipe mixers and ideally suited for the homogenous consolidation of low viscosity, turbulent and laminar flowing media.

Helical mixing element chains

Helical – mixing element chains

K-Helical mixing element chain

K-Helical – mixing element chain with holder ring

Design examples and construction variants

The requirements of the process environment and the wishes of our customers decide about the individual design of a system. All stainless steels and standard steels are available for the material, for plastics, e.g. PVC, PE-HD, PP or PVDF, it is also coated with fibre reinforced. The housing can be manufactured from glass or PTFE coated pipes as well.

steel construction variant

steel with PTFE lining

design example stainless steel

steel – stainless steel

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

Striko EREstat plastics


Service description

The Helical / K-helical mixing elements are perfectly suited for the homogenous consolidation of turbulent and laminar flowing media. For all applications, the careful design of the static mixer is important. Therefore, this occurs in close discussion with our customers – and always individually for the respective application.

The mixing element chains consist of axially twisted, oppositely arranged elements. Thus, the volume flow is divided with high efficiency – the potential of the division depends on the number of elements engaged. Not only for turbulent flows that are created during low viscocities and high flow speeds, but also during laminar flow, the potentialisation and ultimately a high mixing quality is achieved.

The length of the mixing element chain is dependent on the application, the space conditions and other marginal conditions such as the pressure loss and desired mixing quality. Thanks to innovative design and STRIKO’s own manufacture, numerous materials can be used. Mixing elements of the Helical type are produced up to DN 125, larger nominal widths are equipped with elements of the K-Helical type.

Typical application options
  • sterile applications (use of soldered mixing elements)
  • insulin manufacture
  • foods industry: homogenising of mayonnaise
  • plastics processing in combination with heat exchanger for homogenising and tempering the mixing product before the injection moulding
  • mixing of liquids such as paints
  • mixing of gasses into liquids, e.g. for iron precipitation
  • can be combined with other mixer types for other applications
Connection types

For a trouble-free connection, pipe mixers in all common designs according to DIN, ANSI or other industry standards can be supplied.

connection type fixed flange Fixed flange
loose-type connection loose-type flange
connection type screw screw connection
clamping connection type clamping support
connection for PVC housing GF screw connection for PVC housing
threaded socket and nipple threaded socket / threaded nipple
weld connection type weld joint preparation
Dosing Points
Dosing Point T-piece T-piece
Dosing Point Centerline centerline
Dosing Point Lance dosing lance
Dosing Point Ring ring dosing

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