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STRIKO EREstat® – safe grocery mixer

The STRIKO EREstat® is a self-cleaning working static mixer for carbonising and aerating fluids and mixing of different media. Because of the performance features, EREstat® is typically used in the foods industry, but is also common in other industries.

safe grocery mixer

EREstat® mixing element chain

Striko EREstat Mixer

Mixer housing example 1

EREstat grocery mixer

Mixer housing example 2

Design examples and construction variants

The requirements of the process environment and the wishes of our customers decide about the individual design of a system. All stainless steels and standard steels are available for the material, for plastics, e.g. PVC, PE-HD, PP or PVDF, also with a fibre reinforced glass shell. The internals can be manufactured from glass or PTFE coated pipes.

steel construction variant

steel with PTFE lining

design example stainless steel

steel – stainless steel

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

PVDF with fibre reinforced shell

Striko EREstat plastics


Service description

The static pipe mixer STRIKO EREstat® achieves an outstanding mixing effect by separating the product volume flows. The partial flows are consolidated staggered from mixing step to mixing step and in each step experience a change in direction in each step. Depending on the number of elements, the desired mixing quality can be accurately defined.

An additional radial mixing effect is achieved by a type of rotation effect, which forms around the hydraulic center of each flow channel.

The conductor elements are aligned on the mixing body in a manner that the four flow channels created demonstrate significantly different cross sections in the flow direction. For the sedimentation and rotation effects a shearing flow is added which optimally supports the dispersing processes .

Advantages in the application
  • mixing element chain can be designed as heat exchanger
  • extremely economical mixing and heat exchange is possible
  • efficient and successful application, e.g. in the confectionery industry for thermo-homogenising chocolate masses and for mixing and slow cooling of candy masses
  • can be delivered in all current stainless steel construction steels, plastics and special materials
  • nominal widths from DN 15 to DN 500

Typical applications

  • manufacture of ice-cream
  • mixing of fruit pieces into yoghurt with low shearing rates
  • dissolving CO2 in all types of beverages
  • air injection in hair gel, injection of air bubbles


Connection types

As connection types, all common designs according to DIN, ANSI or other common standards can be delivered for the mixing pipe.

connection type fixed flange

Fixed flange

loose-type connection

loose-type flange

connection type screw

screw connection

clamping connection type

clamping support

connection for PVC housing

GF screw connection for PVC housing

threaded socket and nipple

threaded socket / threaded nipple

weld connection type

weld joint preparation

Dosing Points
Dosing Point T-piece


Dosing Point Centerline


Dosing Point Lance

dosing lance

Dosing Point Ring

ring dosing

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