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striko mixers assortment

Our product assortment

Whether for food, viscous media or universal applications – the STRIKO static mixers are the most efficient, low priced solutions for your demanding applications. Our mixers are being used across many industries.

Helical and K-Helical

Special features
  • versatile use
  • broad utilisation spectrum

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especially for food applications

Special features
  • especially for food applications

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,ixer for viscous media

Special features
  • ideal for viscous media
  • especially robust

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ideally for mixing of gasses

Special features
  • ideally suited for mixing of gasses

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Service description

STRIKO’s static mixers guarantee continuous operation in closed piping systems. They do not contain any moving components and therefore work nearly wear-free. All STRIKO mixer variants are maintenance-free, can be cleaned in-line, sterilised /dampened and easily disassembled if necessary.

Application areas

STRIKO static mixers are being successfully used in a number of industrial sectors. With low investment expense and its extraordinary low operating costs, efficient, high productive mixer, dispersed, emulsifier, heat exchanger and response applications can be implemented. The high cost efficiency results, among other things, also in that the low energy requirement for the mixing process is directly derived from the product flow.

STRIKO mixing elements are also used in heat exchangers. The continuous movement of the medium between pipe interiors and pipe wall increase the heat transfer, which saves the installation length.

For a detailed and personal consultation, the STRIKO process technology experts are happy to help you further.