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Striko demister assortment

Droplet separator as a complete solution

A special performance feature of STRIKO is the design and production of housings and containers including wire mesh droplet separators according to customer specific wishes. The different housing variants are of course prepared according to current applicable practices.

Design examples

complete droplet separator demister

Droplet separator as a complete solution

complete droplet separator

Service description

STRIKO offers the housings and wire mesh inserts in all current steels, stainless steels, aluminum, special materials such as Monel®, Hastelloy® and plastics such as PP, PE, PTFE and PVDF.

The droplet separators are delivered ready for installation in a frame along with faxing material, and if requested with a cleaning nozzle and CIP capable. Simple assembly and ease of maintenance are the priorities for design.

With the continuous research and development work, we quickly implement for our customers individual solutions for any task and every process specification.

Special features
  • large material selection in metal and plastic
  • calculable separator degrees
  • low pressure loss
  • simple assembly and maintenance
  • can be delivered in all forms and sizes
  • cost efficient, delivery ready for installation along with accessories
  • complete delivery including container or housing

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