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Flat metal bursting disks

Series SF
Types SF-M / SF-MV / SF-MD

Flat metal bursting disks for direct installation between flanges – without holder also for retrofitting in your existing systems. The multi-part (created by several positions) bursting disks are used to secure mainly low and static overpressure and/or underpressure.

SF-M STRIKO – Flat, Multi-part
SF-MV STRIKO – Flat, Multi-part, Vacuum resistant
SF-MD STRIKO – Flat, Multi-part, Double effective (different pressures in over/under pressure direction)
Advantages in the application
  • used with or without holder
  • can be delivered with different burst pressures in overpressure and underpressure direction
  • upon request vacuum resistant with integrated vacuum support
  • insensitive design with simple handling
  • working ratio: 80% by use of special materials
  • torque insensitive
  • equipped with a 3D name-plate for safe detection of correct direction of installation as a standard
  • suitable for gasses, vapours and liquids
Materials Stainless steels, nickel, tantal, inconel, hastelloy,…
Nominal widths DN 15 – DN 600, other sizes on request
Burst pressures from 0.025 bar (g) to appr. 30 bar (g)
Working ratio 80 %
Burst tolerance min +/- 5 %
Utilisation temperature range -120 ℃ to +260 ℃ (PFA), +480°C (metallic)
Bursting disk holder SHF and SHF Pro
Vacuum support optional
Bust indication optionally installed on discharge side
Installation before safety valve? conditionally possible


Individual designs

The flat metal bursting disks offer a number of designs and configuration options. Whether vacuum proof, double acting or with integrated burst indication, whether in standard materials or special materials – just talk to our specialists. We are happy to advise you competently and comprehensively!


Accessories – Burst / Leakage Indication
Series Description
SVT 02 Burst Indicatior for breakage of bursting disk / opening of safety valve
SVT 05 Leakage sensor (activates already for the smallest leaks)
SVT AM Full metal alarm for bursting disk monitoring (for high temperatures up to +600 ℃
and at aggressive media)
SVT AM-L Alarm for bursting disks/breakage monitoring (use for lowest burst pressures,
from 10 mbar (g))

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