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Pre-Torqued Holder

Types SHF Pro / SHZ Pro / SHU Pro
for metal bursting disk series SF / SZ / SU

The STRIKO Pre-Torqued Holders are suitable for all STRIKO metal bursting disks and can be delivered in stainless steel and other special materials. They are characterised by precise function and absolute robust design.

Design examples
Holder SHU Pro assembly

SHU Pro assembly

pre-stressed holder detail

detail positioning

detail pre-stressed holder screws

detail screws

SHF Pro STRIKO Holder Flat Bursting Disks – Pre-torqued holder
SHZ Pro STRIKO Holder Forward acting Disks – Pre-torqued holder
SHU Pro STRIKO Holder Reverse acting Disks – Pre-torqued holder
Advantages in the application
  • Suitable for all STRIKO metal bursting discs
  • Can be delivered in stainless steel 1.4751 and special materials
  • Available in nominal widths of DN 20 to DN 150, depending on the bursting disc type used
Nominal widths DN 20 to DN 150
Materials all stainless steels, 1.4571 is standard
special materials such as Hastelloy, Sandvik SX, Tanta, alloy or carbon steel
Pressure range depending on bursting disk type and nominal width
Temperature range -200 ℃ to +480 ℃