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Bursting Disk Holder for flat
Graphite Bursting Disks G2 series

Bursting disks of the G2 series (G2 & LPG2) are installed in holder HG2 between the flanges. The principal structure of such bursting disk equipment is always the same.

The bursting disk is positioned with the optional vacuum support in the holder inlet part, and then clamped between the flanges. The necessary axial pressure applied this way makes the unit tight. The system is completed with the seals between holder and flanges or the optional burst indicator on the discharge side.

Design examples and material variants
disk holder from graphite

from graphite

Design example Graphite Disk Holder
Disk Holder for flat Disks
Holder Bursting Disks G2 series
stainless steel or special materials

from stainless steel or special materials

Holder from stainless steel
steel holder for bursting disks
steel holder design example
PTFE liner min 4 mm

PTFE liner min 4 mm

ptfe holder for flat disks
ptfe holder design example
ptfe holder for bursting disks
Advantages in the application
  • Graphite bursting disks are designed for use with aggressive media
  • Ideal for applications where cost efficiency is more important than a fragment-free opening behavior of the bursting disks
Individual designs and materials

Bursting disk holders are available in different materials – according to the application requirements. Have one of your specialists advise you!