Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

Opening behaviour – The opening behaviour of bursting discs varies depending on the type of bursting disk in use. STRIKO bursting discs made of metal, for which the design specifies a defined opening, react fragment-free. Metal rupture discs open in an undefined manner. Parts of the bursting foil may be carried away here. STRIKO bursting discs made of graphite always open with fragmentation due to the material property. When calculating the necessary nominal sizes the opening behaviour directly influences the available flow cross-section of the bursting disc.

Opening cross-section – Describes the free cross-sectional area in mm² which a bursting disc provides after opening for the outlet of the medium to be protected. The required free flow cross-section is calculated in the design phase of a bursting disc depending on the individual application, resulting in the smallest usable nominal size for the specific range of application. (Depending on the pressure, it may be possible that the nominal size selected is greater than the area required, in order to be able to achieve a very low reaction pressure – the lower the reaction pressure, the greater the nominal size –> F=p*A)

Operating cubic metre – A counterpart to the standard cubic metre. The operating cubic metre refers to the volume of operating pressure and operating temperature and is a design parameter for STRIKO when it comes to static mixers, heat exchangers and demisters.