Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

Mass flow – The term mass flow defines the fluid loading in kg/h being present in the gaseous phase intended to be separated.

Material – The term material refers in the broadest sense to a substance or a combination of substances out of which a material results. The term material is a synonym of substance. Depending on the product group, a wide range of materials are used at STRIKO. Those worth mentioning here include standard steel, high-grade steel, aluminium, also graphite and special materials such as Monel®, Hastelloy® and plastics such as PP, PE, PTFE and PVDF for STRIKO bursting discs.

Mounting of bursting discs (flanges/holders) – Depending on the individual type of bursting disc it may either be directly inserted between existing flanges on-site or in a corresponding holder provided by STRIKO. STRIKO flat metal bursting discs can be fitted directly between flanges. Arched bursting discs (forward acting or reverse acting rupture discs) however must be fitted in a holder in order to ensure correct functionality. For this, STRIKO offers standard holders (SHF / SHZ / SHU) and preloaded holders (SHF-Pro / SHZ-Pro / SHU-Pro). STRIKO also provides individual solutions for bursting discs with especially small nominal sizes and high pressures. For bursting discs made of graphite it is also possible to insert them directly between flanges (range G3) or in holders (range G2 with holder HG2).