Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

Leakage sensors – Leakage sensors are used in order to detect the smallest of leaks of bursting discs or safety valves. “Normal” burst indicators only react to the entire opening of bursting discs or safety valves if a large volume flow meets the burst indicator. Leakage sensors, on the other hand, are designed to be “tight”, meaning that even the smallest volume flows lead to bulging and in turn to the leakage sensor being triggered.

Liquid density – The designation liquid density refers to the density, also known as mass density, of matter in a liquid state of aggregation. STRIKO knitted wire demisters offer a simple and relatively cost-effective possibility to separate liquids from gas flows. What is important here is the custom-designed dimensioning – this is the only way to achieve the desired result. The more precisely the exact process parameters are known, the more effectively the demister can be designed and produced. An important influencing factor for an efficient separation is the liquid density. The separation of liquids is all the more easier to achieve the bigger the difference in density between gas and liquid phase are.