Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

We plan, consult and produce – efficiently tailored products.

We do not only plan and develop for example innovative pressure protection units, efficient and modern static mixers and heat exchangers, we also produce them and our customers benefit from our timely and efficient production logistics.

Our more than 35 years’ experience in process engineering for various industries teach us that every plant, every requirement and every project is unique. That’s why every customer of ours receives a unique, individual response.

That response may be a product configuration based on our product range, which is selected according to the customer’s specifications. The components can also be designed for a specific task, constructed and manufactured in series. It is often a mixture of both – supplemented by intensive individual consultations.

In any case, the decision for “Individuality in series production” is a decision for efficiency. In terms of material, specification and performance matched components and lean solutions, we are simply less expensive because right from the beginning they fit to everything.


This is the STRIKO effect: The efficiency of facility and budget increases.