Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

The most important facts for STRIKO at a glance


1. Company headquarters

Gewerbeparkstr. 27, 51580 Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, +49 2261 9855-0

2. Solution expertise

Through many years of industry-related and practical experience of our engineers, technicians and sales staff. We always provide the right solution for your application. Individual and effective!

3. Product portfolio

  • bursting disks with accessories (holder and burst indicator)
  • static mixers for all pumpable media (fluids & gases)
  • heat exchangers for viscous media
  • droplet sepparator with or without housing


4. Sales outline

We offer you our competent sales back office for all questions about your orders or offers. If you want advice on site please just let it know our sales agent. We are at your service.

5. Customer portfolio

Chemical Industry/ Pharmaceutical Industry / Food Industry/ Petrochemical Industry/ Laboratories / Engineering / Engineering offices. You can find an overview here.