Bursting Discs, Burst Indication, Static Mixers, Heat Exchanger.

STRIKO became a member of the CSE-Society (CENTER OF SAFETY EXCELLENCE)

The CSE-Society, a society for the promotion of process and plant safety, actively supports research and development within the field of safety engineering, thus preserving the competence within this branch of industry. The CSE-Society aims at a continuous check and further development of facilities with regard to their technical safety. Amongst others, the CSE-Society pursues the following objectives:

  • Development of safe processes and technical devices, of safety concepts and risk management strategies in order to establish a healthy balance between industrial requirements and those of a protection of humans and our environment.
  • Education of young graduates and safety engineers in order to make a safety-related thinking and acting a matter of course, – anywhere and anytime.
  • Innovative and leading enhancements of safety measures within the branch of process industry.
  • Development of globally accepted and standardized requirements with regard to the safety of processes and facilities.

Being a manufacturer of safety installations such as bursting discs, holders and burst monitoring, STRIKO Process Technology W. Strikfeldt & Koch GmbH faces up to quite similar challenges every day. Within this co-operation, STRIKO will make its contribution to the development of safety engineering and is going to take on precious impulses.

For more information q.v.: http://cse-society.org/

STRIKO’s certificate of membership: Mitgliedsurkunde CSE STRIKO