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Promotion of students of the ‚Studienfonds Oberberg‘: Best of semester Jonas Blechmann

‚Studienfonds Oberberg‘ – Jonas Blechmann cleans up!

Since the summer term 2012 STRIKO Process Technology has promoted Jonas Blechmann within the framework of the ‚Studienfonds Oberberg‘. Jonas Blechmann studies engineering sciences at the FH Cologne (Campus Gummersbach). During the summer term 2012 Mr Blechmann worked with STRIKO on his project thesis entitled „Development of an extendible software for the designing of production parameters for manufacturing metal bursting discs based on empiric and theoretic fundamentals“. The results of this project thesis as well as the obtained software are used by STRIKO for its everyday production process.

In May 2013, Jonas Blechmann, being best of semester, was awarded with one of the Ferchau promotional awards after having finished his studies of engineering sciences with a marking of 1.58. He succeeded in keeping up his excellent performance with STRIKO when working on his bachelor thesis with the company Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Wiehl, an organisation being integrated into the Jagenberg group. STRIKO Process Technology congratulates Mr Blechmann on his outstanding achievements and wishes him all the best for his future, both professionally and in his private life.