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Custom-made project handling – Delivery of a static mixer precisely tailored to the application and installation situation

Custom-made project handling

In process technology there are always new challenges and tasks to cope with. A good example of this is a project for an end customer in Australia where a static mixer should be integrated into an existing reactor casing. In addition to the procedural realisation of parameters like mixing quality (> 99 %) and pressure loss (< 10 mbar) the project asked for a precise positioning and permanent fixation of the mixing element chain with a diameter of 3,750 mm into the existing reactor casing.

Restrictive surrounding conditions like existing installations, manway openings to be kept free and defined mounting points required special measures. Hence, various collision analyzes and different assembly simulations were made in order to be able to fulfil all of our customer’s criteria.

When it came to choosing the right material, a lot of things had to be observed again due to the high operation temperature of 420 °C. In order to minimise the intercrystalline stress corrosion, the static mixer was designed in stainless steel 1.4541 (AISI 321) alloyed with titanium as carbide former, thus being particularly stable to intercrystalline attacks. A really fascinating, successful project asking for expert knowledge and all-embracing experience in the field of engineering technology!